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Wary man wards off attempted IRS scam



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — A Johns Creek man avoided being scammed out of $1,500 when he questioned a caller claiming to represent the IRS.

The man received a letter June 29 from the IRS saying he owed $1,500, due late July at the latest, because of a mistake on a previous tax return. He said that the letter looked legitimate.

Later the same day, he received a call from someone who said they were a detective with the IRS. The caller said the man had been flagged for owing $1,500 and needed to pay immediately to avoid arrest. He was told to use an “electronic expense voucher” that could be bought from WalMart or Kroger.

Suspicious, the man asked for more identifying information and was instead transferred to another caller who claimed to be a supervisor. When the man asked the supervisor for specific information from his tax return, the supervisor became confused.

At this point, the man said he realized it was a scam and hung up. He has since received multiple calls from the same number, which he has ignored and reported.

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